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Hantavirus: Hantavirus History

In recent years there has been an improved understanding of the epidemiology pathogenesis and natural history of these viruses following an increase in the number of outbreaks in the. The spillover of these viruses to humans can lead to one of two serious illnesses hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.

Natural History Of Hantavirus Infection With Relevant Serological

Upon comparison of the hantaviruses found in hosts of orders rodentia and soricomorpha it was proposed in 2011 that the hantavirus evolutionary history is a mix of both host switching and codivergence and that ancestral shrews or moles rather than rodents may have been the early original hosts of ancient hantaviruses.

Hantavirus history. States of utah colorado new mexico and arizona of the southwestern part of the country on mid 1993. In 1993 health officials noted the first recognized outbreak of hps in the four corners area of the us where the states of arizona new mexico colorado and utah meet. Two otherwise healthy young people a navajo indian and his fiancee suddenly became short of breath and died.

The patients tissues were tested for the presence of antibodies to hantavirus. What is the history of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. An investigation was begun.

The 1993 four corners hantavirus outbreak was an outbreak of hantavirus that caused the first known human cases of hantavirus disease in the united states. Hantavirus infections are diagnosed by the symptoms by a history of exposure to rodents and by laboratory identification of antibodies to the virus circulating in the blood. The results led to the discovery of another hantavirus named bayou virus which was linked to a carrier the rice rat oryzomys palustris.

Some cases have been treated with antiviral drugs such as ribavirin but in most cases the focus is on controlling body temperature fluids and electrolytes. In late 1993 a 33 year old florida man came down with hps symptoms. It occurred within the four corners region the geographic intersection of the us.